Wendy Ploeg

Licensee Salesperson

To say that Wendy Ploeg is passionate might actually be selling her short. She is, of course, but it’s how that passion is directed which makes Wendy so good at what she does. Highly motivational,  enthusiastic and knowledgeable in her field,

An extremely credible history in real estate, Wendy consistently rated as a top sales achiever, winning an annual award for Top Auction Salesperson in her company for the Northern Region. Not one to be complacent, after 17 years in the industry, Wendy took a change of direction to the education and social services sectors. She spent four years as a National Business Development and Sales Manager, promoting child protection training programmes.

In 2015, she returned to her first love - real estate, with a renewed focus. In addition to managing the auction side of the business, she is responsible for in-house training across the board including goal setting, business planning and sales training. She is well on her way to completing a Certificate in Business Coaching and believes strongly in empowering others to fulfil their potential. An extroverted, fun personality combined with a fearless approach, makes her an ideal coach.

A ‘practise what you preach’ kind of girl, Wendy lives her days to the full both in and out of work. Her pastime of sidecar racing, at speeds of up to 160-200k/p/h, will give you a clear insight into Wendy’s zest for life. She and her husband of 35 years are avid motorcycle enthusiasts, her pride and joy - a red 1000cc Ducati. Their family is now grown so when not touring round the countryside, Wendy can be found working alongside her husband, tinkering with engines in their garage workshop, or adding to any number of vintage collections.

Maintaining links with her past work in child protection, Wendy offers regular hours volunteering with the Good Seed Trust, a not for profit organisation, which builds safer environments for children and their families.