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Loan Market News

Loan Market News

“My clients are seeking a pre-approval. He is self-employed and she is a teacher.

They bank with bank A. I applied to banks A, B and C ( all major banks) to get the clients some options.

Our loan request was for a $510k loan

Bank A max approval $377k
Bank B max approval $405k
Bank C max approval $510k

That’s a 51% range in the amount approved over these three banks.

What if the client had gone direct to bank A and walked away despondent thinking other banks would offer a similar low amount!
Banks are always adjusting lending criteria so next month Bank B , maybe more favourable.
Just another good reason to us a an experienced and impartial mortgage adviser to arrange your finances.”

Keith Jones is Ray White Drury’s home loan partner from Loan Market. Keith is a mortgage adviser for West and South Auckland whose ultimate goal is to help people get into homes so that they can get on about the business of living their lives.

Focused on obtaining the best outcomes financially for home buyers, he is in effect delivering the most suitable solutions for each buyers situation.

Loan Market mortgage brokers have relationships with over 30 lenders and compare the interest rates and features of over 800 different loan products to find the right loan for you.

“I’m here to help people achieve their dreams.”

Keith Jones