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The WEEKLY PULSE OF N.Z. to 27/03/20

By Julie Halligan

Weekly Pulse of New Zealand

The Impact of the Lockdown

  • In a matter of days, we’ve seen a huge shift from health concerns to economic concerns as a result of the lockdown.
  • The lockdown has also driven an emotional response from Kiwis. More people are feeling scared—the only significant emotion to have moved since the shift to Alert Level 4. But that fear is less to do with the health risk of COVID-19 and more to do with shutting down the economy.
  • The impact on businesses has skyrocketed since New Zealand moved into lockdown—almost all businesses feel they will be impacted (only 3% say they won’t).
  • Despite the crisis and lockdown, New Zealanders still very much want to be heard. Now more than ever, businesses and brands need to listen and connect with customers in meaningful ways. Show you support them and they’ll support you in turn.

New Zealander’s Perceptions

  • New Zealanders share a broad concern over the current COVID-19 crisis—50% have stated that they are extremely concerned and this has risen 8 percentage points in the last week.
  • Positively New Zealanders are maintaining an upbeat frame of mind, although the sense of fear has increased over the last week.
    • One in five New Zealanders are now likely to have felt scared in the last week (Level 4: 21% vs Level 2: 16%).
    • Anger has dropped between the two alert levels due to increase action surrounding COVID-19 (Level 4: 13% vs Level 2: 16%)
  • Over one-quarter of Kiwis (28%) feel the lockdown is a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones.
  • Nearly all Kiwis still want their voices heard through surveys/research (93%).
  • Healthcare and supermarkets are perceived very positively based on their response to the crisis with more than three-quarters of Kiwis indicating positive sentiment.
  • Three-quarters of New Zealanders believe the government is doing as much as they can in response to COVID-19 and this has significantly increased since the move to Alert Level 4.
    • The same proportion also feel they are receiving a lot of information from the government, which is necessary (Level 4: 75% vs level 2: 54%).

Business Perceptions

  • Two out of five businesses are experiencing decreased demand for their products and services (42%).
  • Over one-third have had projects, events or client-related work postponed or cancelled (36%).
  • Just under half believe government aid and funding will resolved their current business issues (44%), while almost a third believe that cutting costs where they can, including rent, will ease the current impact (30%).

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